Growing Organically: how does it benefit you and the environment

What is organic gardening?

Organic gardening has earned great popularity since many health issues are being linked to eating non-organic foods. Organic foods are produced from organic gardening without the help of chemicals like pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. With that being said, organic gardening does not only contribute to the health and wellness of humans but it also does have favorable effects on earth and the living animals and plants on it. You can utilize ProGarden Tips when you are sold to organic gardening but first be inspired on how it can benefit many.

How does growing organically benefits the environment?

It promotes sustainability - In organic gardening, the decayed or decaying plant material like crop wastes are collected and are made into compost. When these are given back to the land, the soil will become fertile as time goes. One evidence that shows this sustainable practice is in the land of Pro Garden Tips. People there are farming organically since history began. that is why until now, their land is still fertile and is producing great crops.

  • Quality of soil is improved or maintained - A healthy soil contains the portion of beneficial bacteria, fungal hyphae, protozoa. earthworms, beneficial roundworms, and many more which play an important role in the cycle of nutrients and minerals. If they are destroyed by chemical fertilizers, plants will rely upon fertilizers all the time for proper growth because the cycle has been broken.

  • Preserve ecosystems - In an organic garden, all living organisms and plants live in harmony with nature.

How does it benefit our health?


  • Vegetable produced from organic gardening don’t have poisons on it - eating organically produced vegetables drive away cancer-causing substances.

  • Higher vitamins vegetables - organically grown crops generally have higher vitamin content. Aside from that, they taste better than chemically grown.


  • We are much sure that our homegrown vegetables are not GMO’S - Genetically modified organisms are not readily ingested by our body because the composition of these mixed up foods differs from what naturally existed.

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